Opposition parties celebrate national holiday

Members of opposition parties Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialists, Egyutt, the Liberals, the Modern Hungary Movement (MoMa), Dialogue and Solidarity laid wreaths in commemoration of Hungary’s 1956 revolution at martyr Imre Nagy’s Budapest house on Monday.

Agnes Kunhalmi of the Socialist Party said at the celebration that the current government “persecutes the freedom of opinion, controls the press and obstructs citizens’ initiatives and civil organisations”, which she said was reminiscent of a “very dark era of Hungarian history”, the Stalinist terror.

“The real oppressors are not in Brussels but on government”,

Kunhalmi said. They “appropriate public wealth, ruin education and Hungarians’ health by letting the health care system rot”, she said.

Speaking at a joint celebration with opposition Egyutt, Dialogue Party leader Gergely Karacsony said in Budapest that the revolution was “not the cause of an ideology” but of the nation. At times “when Hungarian politics have to be renewed”, it is important for the opposition to be able to cooperate and “embrace its multifaceted nature”, he said.

Egyutt’s Viktor Szigetvari said the opposition should accept all “competitors fighting for liberal democracy according to a credible set of values and for their base”. Egyutt believes that

“the Orban government can be shaken and their re-election be hindered through clever opposition cooperation”.

Source and photo: MTI

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