Hungarian ex-FM: Lies attributed to Soros

Geza Jeszenszky, foreign minister of the Antall government, former ambassador of the Orban governments to Oslo and Washington said in an interview with Magyar Nemzet, that the Hungarian government looks down on the Hungarian voters, and even though he doesn’t like George Soros, there’s surely no Soros plan.

Geza Jeszenszky won’t send back the national consultation questionnaire about the so-called Soros plan:

“I won’t return it because I think it’s shameful that the government looks down on the intellect of the voters. I’m sure there is no Soros plan. George Soros has different ideas, but the statements attributed to him are lies”.

He said those who believe these scare stories are victims of deceit.

“I don’t like Soros, who supported a lot of good causes and people before 1990, but after that became a tough, and often unfair opponent of the Antall government”.

Jeszenszky doesn’t agree with Soros on migration, but he finds it tragicomic that Soros’s picture is all over the country on billboards. Jeszenszky has been saying since the beginning that migration is dangerous and the problem should be handled at the roots. The goal is that people won’t have a reason to flee, so the Islamic State should have been defeated earlier in Syria, the civil war should have been ended by negotiations or sanctions.

“It’s dangerous if hundred thousands of people from different cultures, with no intention to integrate, appear in any European country”

– he told Magyar Nemzet.

Regarding foreign policy issues, he said Hungary’s EU membership is not in danger, but the goodwill towards the country is, and this can be reflected by the EU funds after 2020. Jeszenszky would find a great problem if Hungary was left out from the core countries of the EU. As a consequence, the Visegrad Four cooperation could also be in danger, as the Czechs and the Slovaks want to belong to the core-Europe.

About Russia he said:

“I’m not anti-Russian, I was always sorry for the Russian people. But with a policy that attacks a neighbouring country, or holds a referendum under the shadow of guns, one can’t symphatise”.

Jeszenszky said he’s dissappointed by the Orban government, and this is why he left his position as Hungary’s ambassador to Oslo. He doesn’t like the fact either, that Hungary’s relations to the US are not particularly good:

“When the US is criticising Hungary, we shouldn’t protest or shout, but check what’s fair or a good advice in it. It’s time for a self-study. Gratuitous criticism should be of course rejected, but let’s look into ourselves, do we really only receive gratuitous criticism?”

About Ukraine he said he finds the country’s behaviour regarding the education law painful. He had met similar Ukrainian plans back in 2008, so he thinks Hungary could have prepared for it, made preventing steps.

Hungary Journal


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