More Hungarians don’t believe in the Soros plan

The Hungarian society is divided over the question whether the so-called Soros plan exists at all, but according to the relative majority it doesn’t, a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute shows.
According to the poll, 43 percent of the voters said that the migration plan attributed to Hungarian born American billionaire George Soros doesn’t exists, while 39 percent said it’s more likely to exist, as the Hungarian government claims. The poll shows that voters of the ruling Fidesz-KNDP coalition are more likely to think that Soros’s ideas about migration can be treated as a coherent plan.

Opposition voters are more sceptical: supporters of the largest opposition party, Jobbik are rather divided over this issue, as 39 percent said the plan exists, and 45 percent that it doesn’t. Those who believe in the plan are under 20 percent among the voters of the left-wing and liberal parties.

When asked about if the national consultation on the Soros plan is necessary or not, 57 percent said it’s a bad idea, and 30 supported it.

Hungary Journal

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