Hungarians expect Orban to be re-elected

Almost two-thirds of all voters and half of opposition supporters expect that Prime Minister Viktor Orban will be re-elected in the 2018 elections, a survey by Nezopont Institute shows.

Only 6 percent of respondents anticipated radical nationalist Jobbik leader Gabor Vona becoming prime minister next year, according to the poll commissioned by daily Magyar Idok. Even fewer (3 percent) thought that Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany would return to the post of prime minister. A paltry 1 percent each put their money on Gergely Karacsony of Parbeszed, Bernadett Szel of LMP and Gabor Fodor of the Liberals to become prime minister.

Some 72 percent of decided voters looked ahead to Orban being re-elected, while 6 percent in this group judged that Vona would head the government. Fully 2 percent imagined this either of Gyurcsany or Karacsony.

Among opposition supporters, 48 percent of Jobbik supporters anticipated Orban would be re-elected. Fully 57 percent of Socialist supporters, 24 percent of Democratic Coalition supporters, 75 percent of LMP supporters and 83 percent of Momentum supporters had in prospect the same. Among people whose party preference is unknown, 47 percent said Orban’s re-election was likely and only 11 percent believed an opposition politician to become prime minister next year.


The Nezopont survey was conducted by phone with representative sample of 1,000 adults between October 10 and 16.

Source and photo: MTI


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