Soros to “enter” Hungarian campaign, MP warns

US billionaire George Soros and his foundations are preparing to “influence” the campaign for Hungary’s 2018 general election, an MP of the allied ruling Christian Democrats told a press conference on Wednesday. 

Referring to press reports that Soros has just transferred over 18 billion US dollars to his Open Society Foundation, Istvan Hollik said it was “a dangerous move” and assumed that the money would be used “to support organisations, NGOs working to implement Soros’s plan and dismantle the fence” Hungary has erected along its border with Serbia.

Hollik also suggested that the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s recent appeal against the government’s latest national survey could be “the first step in the (Soros) campaign”.     Hollik insisted that the Open Society Foundation has been a “munificent and active” supporter of “pro-migrant Soros organisations and politicians” that are “bent on putting pressure on the Hungarian cabinet”. He went on to say that organisations “financed by the Open Society Foundation” have used “all means to remove (Viktor) Orban’s government and replace it with a pro-immigration administration that will obediently follow Soros’s instructions”.

Source and photo: MTI


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