Orban and Kurz agree on border protection

Hungarians want Europe’s external borders sealed and its internal borders to remain open, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, opening the 6th annual forum of the EU strategy for the Danube region held in Budapest on Wednesday.

People living in the region know the geopolitical importance of the Danube valley, Orban said. “People who want a place in Europe always came this way, and Hungary. has always been the last line of defence protecting the West”, he said.

“Even today, some aim to create mixed societies in Europe,” Orban said. The greatest losers of this idea would be the peoples of the Danube valley, he said. “We won’t allow it … we will protect ourselves.”

Now 300 million more tonnes of goods and 300 million more people are on the move in the region compared with 2010, when Fidesz came to government in Hungary, Orban said. This warrants further investment, Orban said, citing bridge constructions over the Danube as examples.


Shared views with the new chancellor

In an interview with the Financial Times, Sebastian Kurz, leader of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) which won the elections on Sunday, expressed similar views on border protection:

“I’m for a Europe without internal borders, but that will only be possible with functioning external borders — something for which I will battle massively.”

As chancellor, Kurz would seek to act as “bridge” between western Europe and countries such as Hungary and Poland.

Source: MTI, FT
Photo: Kormany.hu

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