Jobbik: The V4 should have a permanent parliamentary assembly

Jobbik proposes the establishment of a permanent parliamentary assembly for the Visegrad Four, the party’s Chairman, and Candidate for Prime Minister, Gabor Vona told a press conference on Wednesday in Budapest.

The opposition politician said a strong and stable cooperation would be important from the point of view of the future of the region and the European Union. According to Vona it’s beyond dispute that the V4 is the most stable alliance in Central Eastern Europe, but due to external or internal problems it sometimes lost its momentum.

For Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic out of ten problems, seven are shared, so it would be logical to solve them with common plans and solutions. He mentioned wages and migration as examples.

In a constantly changing Europe these four countries can effectively represent their interests, Vona said, adding that the region needs a “flagship”. It’s being decided now whether the EU will be single-speed or multi-speed, he said, stressing that Jobbik supports a single-speed union. “The multi-speed Europe would be the betrayal of the founding principles and the new member states”, he added.

Regarding the Hungarian presidency of the group, Vona mentioned that the V4 should be brought closer to the people, it has to be filled with opportunities. He noted that the Polish proposal for a parliamentary assembly was previously supported by Laszlo Kover, the President of the Hungarian Parliament, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban too. Now Jobbik submitted a proposal in this issue to the parliament, Vona announced.

In its proposal, Jobbik also discusses the idea of expanding the V4. At the press conference Vona recalled that the question already came up several times in recent years. The possibility of Romania’s, Slovenia’s, Austria’s and Croatia’s membership came up, Jobbik’s proposal mentions the latter.

Hungary Journal


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