Popularity of Orban’s party plummets

Support for the ruling Fidesz party decreased both among definite voters and all voters, according a poll conducted by the Iranytu Institute for Magyar Nemzet.

There is a significant decrease in the popularity of the ruling Fidesz-KNDP alliance among definite voters, from 51 percent in August to 43 percent in September. Jobbik is on the second place with 22 percent, and the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) on the third place with 11 percent. The poll was conducted before the resignation of the socialists’ candidate for prime minister, Laszlo Botka, so the effects of his decision will only be seen in the next survey.

Among the smaller parties, Democratic Coalition (DK – party of the former Socialist PM Ferenc Gyurcsany) and the green Politics Can Be Different (LMP) gained support and both would enter the parliament. DK stands on 8 percent and LMP on 7 percent.
The Momentum party, – which is popular in the Western press but insignificant for Hungarian voters -, and the joke party Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (MKKP) wouldn’t enter the parliament, they have 3-3 percent support.

Among all voters Fidesz lost 3 percent from its 31 percent support in August, but with 28 percent it still leads the polls. Jobbik is on the second place with 15 percent, with some increase in their support.

Here it can be seen that instead of being a party capable of replacing the government, MSZP sunk to the level of small parties. According to Iranytu MSZP has 7 percent support, while DK and LMP 5-5.

According to the survey 13 percent of the people are undecided and 10 percent would definitely not go to vote.

Iranytu Institute concluded that compared to the 50 percent support measured for Fidesz in the last six months, 43 percent is a significant loss. There’s no significant change in Jobbik’s support, but MSZP’s popularity fell to one digit.

Orban’s party can “panic”

Hungarian daily Nepszava published an interview on Tuesday with the executive of the left-leaning pollster ZRI Zavecz Research, Tibor Zavecz. He told the newspaper that

“the ruling party can panic, because significantly less people would go to vote now than four years ago”.

He added that Fidesz is afraid that opposition voters would act unitedly.

“If Fidesz loses in enough single constituencies, it can lose the elections. It’s no coincidence that Fidesz wants to inflame its supporters,”

– he told Nepszava.

Hungary Journal


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