Deputy PM: Protecting Christians natural obligation

Hungary has a “natural obligation” to shelter and assist Christians facing persecution, deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen told a conference held on the subject in Budapest, on Friday.

Semjen argued that Hungary was a country “with a Christian identity and linked to Christianity through its history, culture, and traditions”.

In his address, Semjen said that persecution of Christians in the world was “obvious” and insisted that four out of five people suffering because of their religion were Christians. He said that Hungary was “very generous” in terms of accommodating Christians from other countries, but added that “the goal is not to empty the East of its Christians”. He urged that Islamist perpetrators of the anti-Christian mass murders should be brought to trial in the Hague.

Speaking at the conference, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto called for international cooperation to

“give a clear and coordinated answer to the extremism spreading in the world and forcing millions to leave their homes”.

Speaking of the conference, Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog told public television on Friday that it is a “shame” that Western civilisation, which is based on Christianity, “is not able to protect these people”. Hungary has already deployed over 1 billion forints (EUR 3.24m) aid to “where the trouble is”, and operates a scholarship programme which currently allows 72 students to study in Hungary, Balog noted.

Source and photo: MTI

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