The truth can come out! Does the Soros plan exist?

Hungary’s strongest opposition party Jobbik brought charges against George Soros to find out whether the Soros plan exists at all.The charge is based on recent statements of government politicians, the party’s spokesman told a press conference on Thursday.
Adam Mirkoczki stressed: if the police doesn’t start an investigation, the government and Prime Minister Viktor Orban will have a written proof that what they are doing is a “huge brainwashing, a huge lie”.

The MP said they addressed the denunciation to the national police chief, charcing Soros of preparation to forcefully change the constitutional order, plotting against the constitutional order, destruction, treason and rebellion.

In their explanation theyare referring to State Secretary for Government Communication Bence Tuzson, Chief Advisor to the PM Gyorgy Bakondi, Fidesz Group Spokesman Janos Halasz, Fidesz Deputy Chairman of the Parliament’s National Security Committee Szilard Nemeth, State Secretary for Energy Andras Aradszki, Fidesz MP Gyula Budai, Government Spokesman Zoltan Kovacs and Csaba Fodor, Executive Director of Nezopont Institute.

Adam Mirkoczki also said he asked the leaders of the secret services who were present at the national security committee’s meeting on Wednesday if a Soros plan existed, but they didn’t answer.

He said that people like George Soros should be listened to, as they have serious influence. But Fidesz is taking the issue too far, with the effect of crying wolf.

Answering to a question he said George Soros indeed said such things the government quotes, but he he made contrary remarks too. Based on Soros’s statements we can’t talk about a “plan”, he added. The spokesman asked why isn’t the government speaking about a Merkel plan or a Juncker plan, when those politicians had even tougher ideas. Still, those are just statements, not plans, Mirkoczki noted.

Last week Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for education, culture, youth and sport said the “Soros plan is not part of the European Commission’s agenda”. Regarding to Soros plan, in September he told Hungarian Hir TV:

“I think this is the rhetoric of the election campaign. There is no such plan at the European Commission, we are not discussing it and it’s not part of the Commission’s work plan”.

Navracsis used to be the head of the Fidesz group in the parliament, later minister of administration and justice and deputy PM.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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