Orban: Hungary protects Europe’s Christian identity

While Europe – based on the “Soros plan” – is pushing a migration policy which lets “radical Islam” into the European Union, Hungary believes in providing help at the point where it is needed rather than “bringing trouble over here”, the prime minister told an international conference on Thursday.

“We Hungarians want Syrian, Iraqi and Nigerian Christians to be able to return to the lands, where their ancestors have been living for several hundred years; this is what we call Hungarian solidarity, this is how Hungary Helps”,

– Viktor Orban stressed, referring to the Hungarian government’s recently launched humanitarian assistance programme. Speaking at an international conference on Christian persecution in Budapest, he said that a group of Europe’s intellectual and political leaders want to create a mixed society,  “in the spirit of the Soros plan” which he said would completely alter the continent’s cultural and ethnic composition within a few generations. Meanwhile, Hungarians are doing “the exact opposite of what Europe is currently doing”, he said.

“We are doing what local Christian leaders say we should be doing; what the communities they lead value the most today: helping them return to their homelands,”

– Orban added.

According to the prime minister the persecution of Christians in Europe is unfair, painful and discriminatory and bearable, it can’t be compared to the brutal and physical persecution Christians are facing in Africa and the Middle East.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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