Kovacs: EC follows the Soros plan

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs on Wednesday insisted that “though they deny it”, European Union institutions were advancing the implementation of the so-called Soros plan. The issue caused a debate in the parliament’s national security committee as well.

Speaking at a press conference, Kovacs said elements of the plan were present in several proposals and decisions of EU institutions. “This is no surprise,” he said, arguing that US financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and other organisations have “hundreds” of people representing them in Brussels working to implement their ideas.

Kovacs said Soros wanted to strengthen Europe through immigration, while Hungary believes migration poses a serious threat and that Europe should instead rely on its own resources. He said the EU’s migrant distribution mechanism also contained elements of the Soros plan. He said Soros believed in a need to organise immigration into Europe rather than to stop it, adding that the Hungarian-born billionaire had proposed the introduction of a permanent migrant distribution mechanism.

The government spokesman said border fences, national borders and the protection of the EU’s borders posed the greatest obstacles to the Soros plan. This is why Soros opposes the installation of border fences, Kovacs insisted. He noted that several EU officials, including European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans, have voiced objection to Hungary’s border fence.

Hungary believes that the use of a border fence is currently the most effective way of keeping illegal migrants out, Kovacs said. He insisted that Soros’ plan includes the establishment of a uniform asylum agency. He said Hungary was also opposed to this, arguing that such an agency, by its nature, would only organise migration. Instead, Hungary recommends tightening border controls, he added. Kovacs also said that the Soros plan would make EU member states bear the costs of the integration of migrants into European society. This would either be done by reducing funds for member states or by imposing fines on them, he insisted.

MPs engage in dispute over ‘Soros plan’ in parliament committee

A dispute developed among MPs in parliament’s national security committee over a migrant plan attributed to George Soros, at a closed session of the body on Wednesday.

On leaving the session, Adam Mirkoczki of  Jobbik said he had questioned the very existence of the so-called Soros plan on the whole. The deputy said he had asked officials of the national security services to confirm whether a “Soros plan” de facto existed, but was left in the dark on the matter.

Szilard Nemeth, the committee’s deputy head for ruling Fidesz, accused the opposition of pushing their own party agendas and “creating an issue” at the meeting. “Jobbik has joined forces with LMP and the leftist opposition,” Nemeth said, and criticised the radical nationalist party for “seeking to drag [Hungary’s] police, secret services and counter-terrorism force into politics”. “This all meshes in with efforts towards carrying out the Soros plan,” he said.

Zsolt Molnar, the committee’s head for the opposition Socialists, said it became clear to him at the meeting that a “Soros plan” as such did not exist at all. “It only exists in Fidesz’s PR communication campaign,” he said.

Source and photo: MTI

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