“Suburbs will burn from Malmö to Marseille”

Christian Democratic Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said on the Kossuth Radio programme “Sunday News” that left-wing, liberal parties can’t beat national forces, this is why they are importing many millions of people who are not connected to any nation. They are relying on immigrant Muslim masses instead of the European nations, he added.

Semjen stressed that Islam is a great culture, but it’s not part of the European civilisation, and particularly not part of the Hungarian culture, which “defines itself against Islam as the shield of the Christian Europe”. The Christian Democratic politician said that the national consultation is needed because the standpoint of the government is not enough in this fight, they need the Hungarian people to stand by them. “The difference is that we are asking the people for their opinion”, he emphasised.

For example, he explained, when German politicians invited migrants, it was first “illegal”, because they didn’t respect the Dublin Treaty, and second, it was “anti-democratic”, because Chancellor Angela Merkel didn’t ask the German people if they want to coexist with Islam, and third, it was unfair towards among others Hungary and the migrants themselves. These “unfortunate people” sold everything they owned to reach Europe, and now they want to send most of them home, he added. According to Semjen Hungary’s position is more correct: help should be brought where it’s needed, instead of bringing the problem here.

Semjen said the end of this will be the establishment of parallel societies, these people are increasingly frustrated, because they have no job, they don’t speak the language, so there will be more crime too. If a migrant “rapes a ten-year-old German girl, her father shoots him and migrants will riot”, they attack a German village and it protects itself, he explained. “This will happen from Malmö to Marseille, suburbs will burn”, he added. Borders must be protected, and humanitarian help for these people must be brought to their homelands, Semjen stressed.

Semjen: The Hungarian Commissioner should think over the concept of loyalty

Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for education, culture, youth and sport said in Budapest on Friday that the European Commission follows its own logic in shaping its migration policy, the “Soros plan is not part of their agenda”.

According to Semjen Navracsics should know best that his colleagues, environment, people and organisations are “not only in the hands of George Soros, but also in his pocket”. The deputy PM warned that European leaders like Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the commission, listen to Soros in the EU, who tells them his programme. The world, which contains Navracsics’s work, is in Soros’s hand and pocket, he added. Semjen asked Navracsics to think over his concept of loyalty in connection with his homeland and his employer.

According to Semjen the root cause of the migration crisis is Freemasonry, which had a “Jacobin-Bolshevik wing”, and “Soros’s extreme liberal line” is one of its offsets. “It sincerely hates Christian traditions”, and if possible, it hates nation states even more. It wants to eliminate them and create a united states of Europe, which would be led by an impersonal, unaccountable Brussels bureaucracy, transferring power to NGOs”, Semjen explained.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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