“Germany can lose its national and cultural character”

The Hungarian parliament’s president discussed among other things Europe’s migration policy, the Austrian elections and the Catalan referendum in an interview with daily Magyar Hirlap.

“If Germany doesn’t take another direction, with the current demographic trends and the immigration wave Germany can lose its cultural and national character,”

– Laszlo Kover warned. According to the politician it seems that German politicians have almost openly given up on keeping Germany the home of Germans. The EU’s approach is similar to Berlin’s, he added, underlining that EU documents on the topic say that migration should be managed well, “they don’t even think about stopping migration or at least slowing it down”.

According to Kover Merkel’s Willkommenskultur raises serious moral concerns, because the German chancellor implied that she would prefer an immigration quota based on the qualifications of immigrants. This shows, he added, that her policy is not about welcoming the persecuted, and the automatic relocation plan can be a way of sending to Eastern Europe the migrants whom the West doesn’t need.

Regarding the upcoming Austrian elections, Kover noted that Sebastian Kurz made some strong remarks about migration and that he expects a more sensible migration policy from the next Austrian government.

When asked about the European Commission’s approval of Spanish police brutality in Catalonia and its constant criticism of Hungary and Poland, Kover reminded that there were even more brutal scenes in 2006 in Hungary, but the EU didn’t stand up against the Socialist-liberal Gyurcsany government. “Probably because that government served foreign interests, but we don’t”, he added.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

One thought on ““Germany can lose its national and cultural character”

  1. Sooner or later the people of Europe will wake up and change this destructive way. The character of each people is holy and must be preserved and developed, not destroyed. Germans are the weakest in terms of confidence and pride in national character and culture. That’s sick. But also they will not accept destruction. Hopefully soon and peaceful and positive.


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