Brussels has its own agenda, not Soros’s – says Commissioner

The European Commission (EC) follows its own logic in shaping its migration policy, the “Soros plan is not part of their agenda”, Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for education, culture, youth and sport said in Budapest on Friday.

Speaking at a forum at the EC Representation in Hungary in Budapest, Navracsics said that the EC keeps its distance from internal politics and will not comment on the Hungarian election campaign. Navracsics also declined to comment on Hungarian domestic affairs.

The Commissioner couldn’t tell whether they are receiving orders from George Soros or not, because he hasn’t had such experiences. “But I have a colleague who calls Soros one of his best friends”, he admitted, without naming anyone.

The EC is “used to being used as arguments in internal politics”, Navracsics said, adding that opposing parties often blame certain issues on the body. He also said that the commission’s migration policy attracted a lot of criticism.

On another subject, Navracsics said that the commission would submit a plan in September next year, under which in certain areas decision making would require a two-thirds majority rather than a unanimous decision, without an amendment to the EU treaty. Such areas could include the EU’s common foreign policy as well as issues around the internal market, including welfare policy and taxation.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal

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