Orban: Hungary not a country of fools

The “Brussels machinery” is performing US billionaire George Soros’s pro-migration plan, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview to public radio on Friday.

“Brussels has come under George Soros’s influence,”

– he said. The European Union wants to dismantle the border fence, let migrants enter the continent, distribute them among the member states and punish those who resist, the prime minister said. The events in Brussels are unfolding exactly as Soros outlined, “it is a planned process”, Orban said. Hungary, however, is “not a country of fools” and one cannot “pretend as if everything was happening by accident”, he said.

“We have revealed the existence of the Soros plan, and the drafter himself admitted that it exists. We have placed it in the focus of politics,”

– Orban said.

Commenting on the “national consultation” survey about the “Soros plan”, he said that if Hungary wants to defend its interests, all decision makers in Brussels should be aware that most Hungarian citizens are taking a stand for national interests.

Concerning the EU’s planned reforms, he said that while plans are being drawn up about the future of the EU, “the Schengen system is crumbling in our hands” and instead of defending the external borders, internal borders are being established. He cited a proposal in line with which member states should have the right to reintroduce border controls within Schengen for three years. Additionally, restrictions are being placed on the free movement of labour, he said.

Orban called the infringement procedure launched against Hungary because of its law on foreign-financed NGOs a political affair. He added that the related document had been drafted by the “Brussels bureaucrats” on political orders and they want to use legal means to force a political decision on Hungary.

“It is a subject of public ridicule everywhere in Europe …. A sensible lawyer would not even touch it,”

– he added. The law stipulates that “when somebody gets money from abroad, they must admit this. Period. What does that violate?” Orban asked. The question is for how long Brussels would put up with “being the subject of public ridicule”, Orban said. The entire EU is in trouble and European leaders have lost respect because the “Brussels bureaucrats” make such decisions, “insulting and abusing member states with such matters”, he added.

Commenting on the issue of the Central European University founded by Soros, he reiterated that laws must be respected by all, including billionaires, US-Hungarian dual citizens and the organisations they finance. The complicated issue at hand is currently discussed at expert level, he said.

Commenting on the European Parliament’s scrutiny of Hungarian development projects, he said “a delegation from Brussels made a recent visit” and acknowledged that these projects had indeed been implemented and Hungary followed the line in every respect. “What’s beyond that” is once again a political attack and “what it is clearly about is that the MEPs must keep themselves busy while we are protecting Europe for them”.

Orban confirmed press reports that the prime ministers of the Visegrad Four countries would meet EC President Jean-Claude Juncker for “a friendly talk” on the eve of the next EU summit in Brussels, on October 18.

Orban was also asked to comment on two issues affecting the rights of ethnic Hungarians to education in neighbouring Romania and Ukraine. He expressed optimism concerning the future of a grammar school in Targu Mures (Marosvasarhely) in central Romania attended mostly by Hungarian students. “We have made some advance towards keeping the school in operation,” he said, attributing the progress to “good personal relations” established with Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the ruling Social Democrats. “This seems to offer some hope for the future,” he said.

As far as Ukraine’s new education law is concerned, the situation is rather different, Orban said in connection with new rules passed recently by Kiev which restrict post-primary-level education in minority languages. The countries affected by the new law are now working to take coordinated action on the matter, he said.

“We do not intend to threaten Ukraine, all we want is to make that country understand that while it is ‘at war’, or more precisely ‘has border disputes’ with Russia, and is economically depressed, it cannot curb the already acquired rights of its minorities, particularly in a situation when it can practically rely only on the EU,” the prime minister added.

Source and photo: MTI


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