Poll: power relations unchanged in Hungary

The ruling Fidesz-KNDP coalition still has the highest support in Hungary, Jobbik is the second biggest party, while changes in the popularity of left-wing parties are within the margin of error, according to a recent poll by the Nezopont Institute.

In September, Fidesz-KDNP had 30 percent support among all voters, Jobbik 11 percent and the Socialist Party (MSZP) 6 percent (losing 1 percent, which is within the margin of error). The Democratic Coalition (DK) stands on 4 percent, Together (Együtt) and the Liberals (MLP) on 1-1 percent. Politics Can be Different (LMP) increased its support to 3 percent (from 2), Momentum and the Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (MKKP) have 1-1 percent.

Among definite voters Fidesz-KDNP has 43 percent, Jobbik 21 percent. MSZP has 11 percent, DK 8, LMP 6, Momentum 4, Together and MKKP 2-2, MLP and Dialogue (Parbeszéd) 1 percent.

Hungary Journal


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