Orban: Macedonia key player in protecting Europe

At a press conference in Ohrid, Prime Minister Viktor Orban highlighted that it is in the interests of Hungary and Europe that the Balkan migration route remains closed, and since Macedonia is playing a key role in this regard, we are cooperating with those Macedonian powers that are in support of this policy. 

Prior to the press conference, the Hungarian Prime Minister attended a working lunch with former Prime Minister of Macedonia and right wing opposition leader Nikola Gruevski, and former Prime Minister of Slovenia and leader of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) Janez Janša.

Viktor Orban also said that this modern age mass migration is pushing masses of people in the direction of Europe, and one of the routes through which tens of millions of people are setting off to the continent, is the Balkan route.

Gruevski said he briefed the leaders of sister right-wing parties within the European People’s Party, about the course of the pre-election campaign up to date, namely about the numerous irregularities and abuses perpetrated by the incumbent government, which already raise doubts about the fairness of upcoming election process, Macedonian news agency MIA reports. As soon as VMRO-DPMNE published the list of candidates, criminal charges have been brought almost against all of them, Gruevski said. ‘It means our rivals are aware of their electoral defeat. They are scared and panicked and use unfair means to save themselves,’ Gruevski said.

Jansa voiced support for Macedonia’s accession to the European Union, saying that the country made substantial progress to that effect under Gruevski’s leadership

(Details coming soon.)

Source: Kormany.hu, MIA
Photo: MTI

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