“Brussels follows the Soros-plan”

According to the Ministry of Justice’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Brussels is progressing according to the “Soros Plan”, despite the fact that the dispute concerning the mandatory resettlement quotas included in the billionaire’s vision “will soon become redundant” since the resolution’s scope of effect will expire on Tuesday.

Pal Völner stressed:

“I became apparent from precisely the EU’s 4 September report that the original target will not be achieved”.

“There are certain voice in Brussels according to whom the mechanism will remain in place following 26 September, meaning the mandatory distribution of immigrants will continue”,

– he said.

According to the State Secretary, this contravenes the resolution on the mandatory quotas and the decision of the European Court of Justice.

“This is indicated by the statement on Monday by EC spokesperson Tove Ernst, according to which the mechanism remains in force, and in which he called on member states to fulfil their undertaken duties and obligations with respect to transferring immigrants. And earlier statements by Commissioner for Immigration Dimitris Avramopoulos, ‘who is continuing to push for the introduction of permanent quotas’, also point in this direction”,

– Völner explained.

Kosa urges launch of ‘national consultation’ on ‘Soros plan’ without delay 

The ruling Fidesz party group is asking the government to launch the public survey on migrant quotas and the “Soros plan” as soon as possible, outgoing group leader Lajos Kosa said on Tuesday.

Kosa, who will fulfil the role of minister in charge of the government’s Modern Cities programme from Oct. 2, said that it is important to have information ready about what voters think about the US financier George Soros’s “plan” for the relocation of migrants before the winter recess of parliament.

The elections in Germany on Sunday clearly demonstrated that voters are very dissatisfied with the handling of migration, Kosa said. A European Commission representative said on Monday that the quota decision which expires today would still have to be fulfilled. The implementation of “the Soros plan” is so important to the EC that they have neglected for the umpteenth time the European Court of Justice decision, he added. Kosa congratulated to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her re-election and wished her much success in her work.

The European Commission could punish countries that reject the “Soros Plan”

“In addition to scare tactics, threats and political blackmail, the European Commission has also suggested a concrete punishment for countries that refuse to take part in the implementation of the Soros Plan”, Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs said at a press conference in Budapest.

The government spokesperson explained that in a 2016 draft proposal the EU body recommended that member states that refuse to participate in the mandatory resettlement of illegal immigrants should pay a so-called solidarity fine of 78 million forints (EUR 250,000) per head with respect to each unaccepted migrant.

“In the case of an average Hungarian, these 78 million forints are sometimes more than can be earned during a whole lifetime”, Kovacs said, who again called for as many Hungarian people as possible to fill out and return the upcoming National Consultation questionnaire and determine what standpoint the Government should represent when it fights its tough battles on illegal immigration with the European Union.

Source: MTI, Kormany.hu
Photo: MTI

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