Orban supports special relations with Vietnam

The Hungarian government aims to establish “special relations” with Vietnam, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after talks with his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, in Hanoi on Monday.

Hungary has chosen Vietnam as its regional strategic partner because of the long-standing, thriving diplomatic ties between the two countries, Orban told a joint press conference. He also noted the nearly three thousand Vietnamese citizens who have completed their studies in Hungary, and the Vietnamese community in the country “comprised of honest and hard-working families”. According to strategic analysts, Vietnam is to become one of the fastest-developing countries in the next thirty years, Orban said.

Orban said Hungary “could be of help to Vietnam” especially in the health industry, water management, IT and food safety sectors. He noted the agreement reached on Hungary building a hospital in Vietnam. Concerning education cooperation, Orban said that the number of grants given annually to Vietnamese students to study in Hungary would be raised from 100 to 200 each “to ensure the future of the countries’ relations”.

Orban said the delegation of politicians and businessmen arrived to Vietnam to “express Hungary’s respect for the country and appreciation for its economic growth”. Phuc told the press conference that Vietnam highly values its ties with Hungary and thanked for the supportive environment the Vietnamese community enjoys in the country.

The foreign ministers of the two countries signed an agreement on a comprehensive, 440 million euro tied aid programme, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told the press. This is the third such agreement between the two countries, Szijjarto noted. Hungary has already provided aid in implementing a water purification plant project and a regional demographic registration programme, he said.

The present programme supports 11 projects in Vietnam which are to provide Hungarian companies excellent market opportunities, he said. In the framework of the agreement, Hungary will invest 60 million euros to build a 500-bed oncology centre in the Can Tho region using an Eximbank credit line, the foreign minister said. Agreements were also signed on cooperation in finance, agriculture and information technology.

Orban: focus in global economy to shift eastwards

An eastward shift of focus in global economy is expected to become stronger in the coming decades, the Hungarian prime minister said at a Vietnamese-Hungarian business forum. Western countries will have to “adapt to this new state of affairs”, which however will be no easy task, Viktor Orban said.

Central Europe “has done better in adapting”, he said, noting that the countries in the region have built more extensive relations with countries in the East than several major leading European states, he said. Vietnamese businesses looking to establish bridgeheads to Europe in a dynamically developing economic region would do well to consider central Europe, especially Hungary, Orban said.

Source and photo: MTI

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