LMP urges the government to recall the chief prosecutor

The green opposition LMP called on the ruling parties to recall in parliament Chief Public Prosecutor Peter Polt and his staff over the ineptitude they demonstrated and the responsibility they bear in connection with an Azeri corruption network.

Press reports show that Azerbaijan operated a large European corruption network and Hungary was one of its “partner stations”, party lawmaker Marta Demeter told a press conference on Saturday.

The son of Azerbaijan’s deputy prime minister transferred over 7 million dollars to a bank account in Hungary before his father met Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and a month later, Hungary extradited an Azeri soldier who had been imprisoned in Hungary for killing an Armenian soldier with an axe, Demeter said. On his return to Azerbaijan, the soldier was immediately freed with a presidential pardon.

Polt said in response to a written query by LMP about the case that his office did not launch a procedure because it had received no official request to do so, Demeter said. If the chief public prosecutor was not aware of these events, he is not suitable for his job, and if he did know about them, then he bears criminal responsibility, she added.

If LMP enters government after next year’s election, Polt will be expected to give an account of his actions in front of an independent tribunal, Demeter said.

Source: MTI

Photo: Facebook

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