Szijjarto: We’ll fight until the bitter end

In meetings with his Romanian and Croatian counterparts on the sidelines of the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that Hungary will “always stand up for the interests of Hungary and ethnic Hungarians”.

Speaking on the phone on Wednesday, Szijjarto stressed that Hungarian foreign policy will never abandon cross-border Hungarians, will “fight until the bitter end” with regard to issues that are important to them, and will “not allow decisions that negatively affect Hungarians to be made one after the other in neighbouring countries”.

“Hungary is raising these issues continuously in the international arena, and is continuously calling for international pressure to be placed on these countries”,

– he declared.

“It may seem like something new that Hungarian foreign policy is taking an extremely firm stance” in support of Hungarian interests and the interests of Hungarians living across the border, but this will always continue to be the case in future and “the time has come for everyone to get used to it”, the Hungarian foreign minister emphasised.

Szijjarto noted that a Catholic school mainly attended by Hungarian students has been closed down in Marosvasarhely (Targu Mures, Romania). Over a hundred Hungarian children were forced to start the school year at a different school, he said. The Hungarian state is blocking Romania’s membership bid in the OECD until the problem is solved, he said. The situation is “disappointing”, Szijjarto said, because Romanian-Hungarian relations have lately shown promising developments, and the mutual economic dependency of the two countries is also obvious.

The solution depends exclusively on political will on the Romania’s side, Szijjarto said. Hungary expects the Romanian government to undertake the steps necessary to reopen the school and to “rein in any nationalistic outbursts”, he said. Hungary takes its lead from the local community and Catholic church in the issue, Szijjarto said. When the Hungarian community and the church in Marosvasarhely regard the situation as solved, Hungary will act accordingly, he said.

Commenting on the meeting with Croatian foreign minister Marija Pejcinovic Buric, Szijjarto noted that an international arbitration court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Croatian government Hungarian against oil and gas company MOL. The Croatian government has been trying to buy back MOL’s shares in Croatian peer INA. Croatia chose to ignore the court ruling, Szijjarto said. The OECD is based on honouring such decisions, and Hungary will not support Croatia’s OECD bid until that issue is settled, Szijjarto said.

Source: MTI,
Photo: MTI

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