Hungary respects the migrant quota ruling

Hungary will respect a recent ruling made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) concerning EU mandatory migrant quotas, the justice ministry’s state secretary told a parliamentary committee on Monday.

Krisztian Kecsmar briefed the EU affairs committee about the ECJ ruling made on September 6, which dismissed the lawsuit Hungary had brought jointly with Slovakia asking the court to annul the quota scheme. The ruling has no binding effect obliging Hungary to take any extra measures, Kecsmar told the body. The ECJ also established that the quota scheme decision is applicable only until September 26, he added.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in Brussels, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs also confirmed, that Hungary respects the court ruling, but doesn’t agree with it, so the legal and political struggle is – from many aspects – just beginning. Kovacs stressed that Hungary is one of those EU countries who did everything to meet their obligations during the migration crisis.

“Hungary’s conscience is clear. The border control is working,”

– he emphasised.

Kovacs voiced incomprehension at the EU’s “trying to force upon members something which several countries have clearly rejected,” and called for European decision-making mechanisms based on consensus, as well as for “reasonable and implementable” decisions.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal

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