Orban: Western liberalism is suicide

“We have to turn against the Soros plan which would turn Central European countries into immigrant countries with mixed cultures and populations”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the 11th Congress of the Alliance of Christian Intellectuals (KESZ) in the parliament.

While the ideology of the immigrant countries is liberalism, the ideology of non-immigrant countries is sovereignty and Christian teaching, the prime minister stressed, adding that adopting Western European liberalism would mean spiritual suicide for Central Europeans, and they would also turn into immigrant countries.

“Here would be terrorism, no border protection and population import instead of family support”,

– he said.

According to Orban there is an action plan, named after George Soros, which says exactly how a country should be turned into an immigrant country. He stressed that at the elections in 2018 the government is ready to protect the future of the Christian Hungary. “Everybody has to understand in Brussels too: We will not be an immigrant country”, he added.

Hungary’s standpoint is – he continued – that immigrant countries pursue failed foreign policies and lost control over their borders. Orban noted that on the West the human rights of illegal migrants are more important than the will of the European citizens.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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