National consultation about the “Soros plan”

The government is set to launch a nationwide “national consultation” survey on the “Soros plan”, news portal Origo said late on Wednesday, citing the prime minister’s address to the ruling Fidesz party’s parliamentary group meeting in Velence in central Hungary. Fidesz’s outgoing group leader Lajos Kosa confirmed this information this morning.

Origo cited Viktor Orban as having told the meeting that the opposition was being “controlled from the outside”. On the subject of the European Court of Justice’s decision to dismiss Hungary and Slovakia’s legal challenge against the European Union’s migrant resettlement scheme, Orban was quoted as saying that “the real danger is the Soros plan”, referring to US financier George Soros. Orban added that though Brussels would try to carry out “Soros’s will”, this could be prevented in next year’s general election.

“If the people support us, if we win for a third time, Brussels will not be able to defeat us and the Soros plan will fail,”

Origo quoted the prime minister as saying.

At his press conference in Velence on Thursday morning, outgoing group leader Lajos Kosa said it was necessary “to learn what people think about the Soros scheme”. Fidesz, therefore, has requested the government to conduct a “national consultation” on the subject.

Kosa insisted that the alleged “Soros plan” involved accommodating an annual 1 million immigrants in Europe, who would be distributed on a mandatory basis and without any restriction. Hungary would be obliged to dismantle the fence along its southern border, while entrants would be granted an equivalent of 9 million forints. To finance the latter obligation, European Union members would need to take out a loan of 30 billion euros, Kosa said.

Kosa becomes minister, Gulyas group leader

Gulyás Gergely Gulyas
Gergely Gulyas

Deputies of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party elected Gergely Gulyas their group leader at the meeting, Kosa announced. Gulyas, who has been head of parliament’s legislative committee, will be replaced by Csaba Hende on that post. Kosa, who has been appointed minister in charge of the government’s Modern Cities programme, will be replaced by Szilard Nemeth as head of the defence and law enforcement committee.

Kosa also announced that the group elected Janos Halasz, Zsolt Nemeth, Szilard Nemeth, Gyorgy Balla, Csaba Hende and Zoltan Bona as deputy group leaders. The parliamentary mandate of Gyorgy Rubovszky, who has recently died, will go to Gergely Gaal, Kosa added.

Source and photos: MTI

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