Jobbik is the government’s main challenger

The relative majority of the Hungarian society thinks that the strongest opposition party, Jobbik is the main challenger of the ruling Fidesz-KNDP coalition in the 2018 general elections, according to a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute for Magyar Nemzet.

The poll shows that 31 percent regarded Jobbik the number one challenger of the current government. Even 29 percent of the Fidesz-KNDP voters saw Jobbik as a challenger, which is more than the percentage of those who said Viktor Orban’s party faces no serious challengers in 2018. 24 percent of the left-liberal Democratic Coalition’s voters thought that Jobbik has the biggest chance to replace a government and 11 percent of socialist (MSZP) voters, while only 2 percent said that a yet unclear, possible leftist alliance can beat Fidesz. All in all, 17 percent said that Fidesz-KNDP has no real challengers.

When asked which party could receive the most votes if the elections were held this Sunday, interestingly, almost 48 percent mentioned Jobbik, and 30 percent a leftist alliance. According to Iranytu Institute, in July, 45 percent said that they want a new government, while in August 46 percent.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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