Opposition blasts the government after the EU Court’s decision

Hungarian parties were not surprised, that the European Court of Justice dismissed Hungary’s and Slovakia’s complaints against the EU mandatory migrant quota.

“The Court’s decision opened the way for the European Commission to implement Soros’s plan, according to which the EU should let in one million migrants per year”, group leader of the ruling Fidesz party, Lajos Kosa told a press conference. “Hungary insists on protecting the borders and refuses to accept any migrants in the mandatory relocation scheme’s framework”, he added. Kosa stressed that the Court’s decision doesn’t mean that Hungary has any obligation to accept the relocation of migrants and the relocation mechanism expires on September 26 anyway.

Jobbik resubmits its constitutional amendment to the parliament, that would ban the resettlement of “rich or poor migrants” to Hungary, Adam Mirkoczki, the strongest opposition party’s spokesman announced. Mirkoczki referred to Jobbik’s demand to end the government’s residency bond programme. He stressed that the opposition party rejects the Court’s “outrageous” decision.

According to the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) the government pushed its luck, but lost. MSZP joined Jobbik in rejecting the residency bond programme and said that Fidesz’s migration policy “is built on a lie”.

Left-liberal Democratic Coalition (DK) thinks the government already planned to lose the lawsuit, because Prime Minister Viktor Orban will refer to this decision when he announces that Hungary leaves the European Union. According to spokesman Zsolt Greczy the anti-EU poster campaign, the “Stop Brussels” slogans and the anti-Soros campaign are all parts of this plan.

“European solidarity must be taken seriously”, MEP for Dialogue (Parbeszed), Benedek Javor reminded in his statement. The member of the EP’s Greens/EFA group urged the government to respect the Court’s decision.

According to green opposition party Politics Can be Different (LMP) the Hungarian constitution also says that the government must implement the Court’s decision. The party’s newest MP, Marta Demeter – who recently left the socialist group – also criticised the residency bond programme and accused the government of acting “hysterical” regarding the mandatory relocation plan.

The government suffered a defeat, says the Hungarian Liberal Party (LMP). According to Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, the party’s foreign affairs spokesperson, the government’s migration policy has failed.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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