Power relations haven’t changed in Hungary

Fidesz and Jobbik managed to increase their popularity a bit from July to August among decided voters, but MSZP’s support decreased, according to a recent poll conducted by the Iranytu Institute for Magyar Nemzet.

Among definite voters the ruling Fidesz-KNDP increased its popularity from 51 percent to 50 percent. Jobbik kept the position of the strongest opposition party with 23 percent (22 percent in July). The support of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) dropped to 9 percent from 11, which made them the only party whose popularity decreased among definite voters.

The only party which reaches the 5 percent parliamentary threshold among definite voters is a Ferenc Gyurcsany’s Democratic Coalition (DK), standing still at 5 percent.

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) stands at 4 percent, Momentum and the joke party Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt) have 3-3 percent.

Among all voters the order is the same, but there were bigger shifts. Fidesz-KNDP’s popularity dropped from 34 to 31 percent, Jobbik’s from 16 to 14. MSZP stayed at 7 percent, LMP’s and DK’s popularity increased from 3 to 4 percent, Momentum stayed at 3 percent.

According to the Iranytu Institute’s poll, 14 percent is undecided (13 in July), and 8 percent didn’t want to tell who they are supporting (7 in July).

Hungary Journal


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