Fidesz politicians warn of foreign intervention

According to the prime minister, the most important stake of the upcoming parliamentary elections is whether they can protect the fence and the achievements of the past seven years, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, Antal Rogan told journalists on Sunday after Viktor Orban’s speech in at the Kötcse civic picnic.

In his speech, Orban also highlighted that according to the NATO’s calculations 60 million immigrants will set out from Africa up to 2020, most of them in the direction of Europe, and this also indicates that the enormous threat posed by migration has not yet passed in the least.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Rogan said he is expecting a difficult and keen struggle riddled with hardships in the campaign. The minister even envisages the deployment of tools and methods not resorted to before, including street disturbances. There are foreign forces which seek to take on an active role in the organisation of these, Rogan warned.

Balazs Hidveghi, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz party delivered more or less the same message at his press conference on Sunday. According to the politician the stake of the elections is “Orban or the destruction of the fence”. He also warned that “self-described NGOs representing the interests of George Soros” have a history of organising street riots in the countries of the region.

Hungary Journal


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