Kati Piri: Koenders won’t say sorry

There’s no chance that the Dutch foreign minister will officially apologise for the comments that angered Hungary, according to the Dutch Labour Party’s Hungarian-born MEP, Kati Piri.

Last week outgoing Dutch Ambassador to Budapest, Gajus Scheltema said in an interview that Islamic extremism “applies the same principles to create an enemy as the Hungarian government”. In reaction, the foreign ministry has summoned Hungary’s ambassador to the Netherlands to return for consultations in Budapest. Szijjarto announced that ambassadorial-level communication between the two countries would be discontinued for an indefinite period of time.

Koenders told Szijjarto that the ambassador’s remarks did not express the Dutch government’s standpoint in any way. “There is obviously no connection between the Hungarian government and terrorism”, Koenders said. The Dutch foreign minister said he was “unhappy” with the ambassador’s remark.

The Party for Freedom (PVV) issued parliamentary questions to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs, Bert Koenders “concerning the disgusting remarks of the Dutch ambassador to Hungary” after which the Hungarian government summoned its ambassador for consultation.

Chairman Geert Wilders, and Raymond De Roon, member of the parliament asked the minister whether the ambassador, Gajus Scheltema was speaking on behalf of the Dutch government, when he compared some elements of the Hungarian government’s rhetoric to the methods of Islamic extremists. The politicians also want to know if the Dutch government is willing to apologise.

The Hungarian government expects a public apology,but Kati Piri told HirTV that Koenders already distanced himself from the problematic remark and it’s highly unlikely that he will go further. According to the MEP the Ambassador criticised the Hungarian government, not the Hungarian people. She added that the Hungarian government obviously can’t be compared to terrorists,but it’s a fact that they are creating enemies: Brussels, George Soros, the refugees and now the Netherlands. Piri stressed that the concerns regarding media freedom and corruption around EU funds is legitimate, the government is dragging Hungary towards the periphery of Europe.

Hungary Journal

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