Green politician: Orban is not Kohl’s heir

The Greens are willing to join a future coalition in Germany if they can implement their programme of climate protection, open society, healthy foodstuffs and gender equality, Franziska Brantner, member of the Greens’ group in the Bundestag told Azonnali. The opposition politician ruled out any coalition with the AfD.
According to Brantner, if in government, the Greens would encourage more intensive contact between German and Hungarian citizens in the frameworks of the EU with exchange programmes and cultural projects. They would also want to solve the big problems together: migration, refugees, the introduction of the euro in Hungary. With the current Hungarian government, the latter is not possible, she agreed with the journalist, adding that according to the treaty Hungary is obliged to make steps towards it. Speaking of the state of democracy in Hungary, Brantner mentioned the idea of an EU mechanism on democracy, and the rule of law (which was proposed by the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament).

Hungary has a bad image in the German press, because it’s impossible to understand the government’s decisions, the NGO law reminds of non-democratic countries, and that’s disturbing, she explained. Brantner added that she “distinguishes between the Hungarian people and the Hungarian government”, and wouldn’t praise Orban, not even for the banking law (which was deemed positive by part of the German press, Azonnali noted).

Brantner was asked about their party’s contacts in Hungary too, as there are two Hungarian parties who are members of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament: Dialogue (Párbeszéd) and Politics Can be Different (LMP). She said they mainly keep in touch with Benedek Javor (Párbeszéd) and “with many other MEPs too”.

If in government, Greens would maintain a “fair dialogue” with Fidesz, based on “common foundations of democracy and the rule of law”. According to Brantner Fidesz is “awkward” for the CDU, except for Bavaria, where the CSU often invites Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. In most regions of Germany a visit by Orban wouldn’t bring extra votes to a CDU candidate, on the contrary, it would have a negative impact. Brantner doesn’t think that Orban is the heir of Helmut Kohl, because the late former German Chancellor cared very deeply for the united Europe.

According to Azonnali, LMP was accused of supporting Orban’s migration policy in 2015, but Brantner said she thinks that even if the party would maybe limit the number of migrants and is critical about the EU, their migration policy is – unlike Orban’s – certainly built on respect for fundamental rights. She added that Europe needs common regulations regarding refugees and immigrants too.

Hungary Journal

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