Holy See official praises Hungary’s help to persecuted Christians

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States for the Holy See, praised Hungary’s efforts in helping persecuted Christians at a meeting with Bence Retvari, state secretary at the ministry of human resources, in Rome on Saturday.

Retvari spoke in detail about the Hungary Helps programme, including humanitarian assistance to Jordan and Lebanon, and assistance in reconstruction projects in Iraq, the ministry said.

Hungary seeks to provide assistance beyond its means in education, housing and health care, including hundreds of scholarships granted to persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

The archbishop appreciated that the Hungarian government had invited or its representatives had met the leaders of persecuted Christian communities to inform Europe about the true situation and their real needs.

Gallagher set the Hungary Helps programme as a good example to be followed by other nations, saying that it gives migrants the hope that they can return to their homeland and rebuild their future there.

Retvari invited the archbishop to attend the international consultation Budapest is to host in October with a focus on helping persecuted Christian communities.

Source: MTI

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