Vona: Fidesz can be beaten by strength and trustworthiness

The people can’t believe yet that there can be change in Hungary, but it can be felt that they are waiting for it, Gabor Vona, Jobbik’s president said on Saturday at a meeting organised for the opposition party’s intellectuals, MNO.hu reports.

According to Vona there is some kind of sustained anticipation, while earlier there was only depressing inertness. “Fidesz can be beaten by showing strength against their strength and trustworthiness against their lack of credibility”, he explained the guests, stressing that Fidesz’s weak point is their lack of credibility. For trustworthiness a party needs an encouraging future prospect and a realistic program that leads to it – but the last time Fidesz had such thing was the beginning of the 2000’s, he added.

Jobbik has a program, Vona stressed. The chairman said that the most serious problem today is outward migration of people to Western Europe. One of the party’s answers is the wage union initiative, for which they are already collecting signatures.

Vona reiterated that while we are already in the 21st century, Fidesz is a 20th century party and their historic crime is that they don’t let the country to move on to the new century and leave behind the divisions and traumas.

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