Political comedy: whistling concert for Putin

Opposition party wants to follow Vladimir Putin during his visit in Budapest, and whistle, whenever they see his convoy.

Leftist liberal opposition party Together (Egyutt) – which has one percent support according to the latest polls – organises Hungary’s first “mobile demonstration” for the Russian president’s visit. The party’s president, Peter Juhasz announced in a Facebook video that the demonstrators attempt to follow Putin’s route through Budapest on Monday.

Vladimir Putin will attend the opening ceremony of the World Judo Championships and meets Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban too. According to Juhasz, “Putin will advise Orban how to build a dictatorship”. Juhasz’s party organised the same kind of whistling demonstration in February to heckle Putin, and according to the politician this time it’s even more important, because Orban wants to turn Hungary into Putin’s Russia, he wants to roll back human rights, harass the media and the NGOs.

Juhasz wanted to cooperate with other small leftist liberal opposition parties, but he didn’t succeed. Momentum and LMP are both protesting separately, because Momentum didn’t want to whistle and LMP said the aim of their protest is different.

Photo: Origo

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