Nezopont: Stable Fidesz lead, Jobbik second

Support for political parties has remained unchanged in August: 30 percent of all voters support the governing Fidesz-KNDP coalition, according to a fresh poll released by Nezopont Intezet on Saturday.

The poll was conducted with a sample of 2,000 voting-age adults between August 1 and 18. Nezopont concluded, among other things, that nothing has changed during the summer, Fidesz maintained its lead in August, and Jobbik, the biggest opposition kept its stable second place.

Support for Jobbik stands at 11 percent among all voters, while the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) at 7 percent, the Democratic Coalition (DK) at 4, Politics Can Be Different (LMP) and Momentum at 2 percent. (The young political force Momentum has received much coverage in international press but they have no real weight in Hungarian politics.) Smaller left-wing liberal parties Together (Együtt), Liberal Party (MLP) and the joke party Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party (Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt) have 1 percent. Dialogue (Párbeszéd) wasn’t measurable in August either.

Among decided voters with clear party preferences – reflecting the most possible outcome – Fidesz-KNDP stands at 43 percent, Jobbik at 22, MSZP at 12, DK at 7, LMP and Momentum at 5-5. The Two-tailed Dog Party and Together have 2-2 percent and the Liberal Party 1 percent, so these parties wouldn’t reach the 5 percent parliamentary threshold alone.


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