Fidesz: No terrorist can escape punishment

According to the ruling Fidesz party no terrorist can escape punishment and a firm verdict with proper legal consequences can legitimately be expected in Ahmed H.’s case.

“Two years have passed since the riots at the Roszke border station and the responsibles still haven’t been punished”, Fidesz MP Gyula Budai told a press conference on Saturday. According to Budai the incident in Roszke was only the beginning of the wave of violence in Europe, terrorism arrived on the continent with mass migration, the threat of terror has become constant and already 400 people died in terror attacks. Budai stressed that Soros NGO’s and the European Parliament started an actual campaign to free Ahmed H., the European left even contributed to a resolution in the European Parliament criticising Hungary.

The politician was referring to the case of Ahmed H., a Syrian man, who was sentenced to serve ten years in prison for terrorist activities involving illegal border crossing as well as incitement to violence in the context of a riot in November 2016. As part of his conviction, Ahmed H. was sentenced for using a megaphone to direct migrants who were hurling rocks at police on the Hungarian border. In June, a second-level court in Szeged has ordered a retrial in the case of Ahmed H., citing inconsistent evidence in the original trial. This Friday, Hungary’s chief prosecutor appealed to the supreme court against a lower court throwing out a sentence . “The Szeged court, acting as an appeals court, violated the laws when it dropped the primary sentence and obliged the primary court to repeat the trial because the missing evidence, which it referred to, could have been replaced”, Peter Polt’s spokesman told a press conference.

Photo: MTI


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