Special session of the parliament lacked quorum

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), LMP and independent MPs had previously proposed debating abolishment of “Lex CEU” higher education law amendment. The other topic of the special session held on Monday was situation the of tens of thousands of Hungarians who still hold loans borrowed in foreign currency.

Lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz-KNDP alliance boycotted the session, which thereby lacked a quorum. Fidesz group leader Lajos Kosa told a news conference that George Soros was behind the opposition’s call to debate “Lex CEU”.

“There is no point in changing the well-functioning higher education law only because George Soros is vexed by no longer being able to play tricks in higher education,”

he explained.

The European Commission has given Hungary 30 days to amend the higher education law, Socialist MP Bertalan Toth noted. Failing this, the country could be fined, he added.

Regarding the second topic, opposition parties condemned the ruling alliance for refusing to help the troubled loan-holders.

“By staying away, the government declared that they do not want to help foreign-currency loan-holders,”

LMP co-leader Bernadett Szel told a news conference.

Daniel Z Karpat, deputy leader of the opposition Jobbik party, told a separate news conference that negotiations must be launched with foreign-currency creditors with a view to converting loans into forints at the exchange rate at which they were taken out. Only then should their damages be discussed, he added. He said

the government had legalised a billionaire’s rip-off machine and taken people’s money and credited it to the accounts of the banks.

Jobbik and LMP have both called for eviction and non-payment procedures to be suspended.

Source & photo: MTI

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