Political parties marked the holiday with celebrations and rallies

Parliamentary group leader of the ruling Fidesz party, Lajos Kosa, marking Hungary’s national holiday on Sunday, said St. Stephen’s legacy obliges Hungarians to follow the path marked out over a thousand years of its statehood.

At an event in Debrecen in southern Hungary, Kosa called Hungary

“strong and independent; a Christian nation and a community of Hungarians who are always receptive but at the same time careful to preserve their culture, character, heritage and freedom.”

Laszlo Botka, the opposition Socialist party’s prime ministerial candidate, said: “We must return to Europe”.

“We can be a happy and coherent nation of the Carpathian Basin only if we take greater responsibility within the borders and beyond,”

Botka said in Szeged, the southern Hungarian city of which he is mayor. He said being a patriot means “protecting our historical and cultural heritage for future generations and once again uniting our divided society.”

The opposition party Jobbik leader Gabor Vona, launching a signature drive for a European wage union at the party’s Aug. 20 event in Budapest, said wages across Europe should be brought into line. Change is needed because “Hungary does not feel well in Europe”. The European civic initiative does not aim to boost wage levels overnight, Vona insisted. Neither does it seek more money from Brussels or automatic wage hikes decreed by the government, he said. Rather, Europe needs reforms since the bloc lacks fairness and solidarity, Vona added.

Meanwhile, at a demonstration in support of a free press and a change in government, Dialogue co-leader Gergely Karacsony accused the opposition parties of scrapping with each other instead of engaging in cooperation.

Source and photo: MTI

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